Friday, May 9, 2008

Long Distance Love

As soon as the postman arrives at the gate, u pounce on him eagerly hoping there's an airmail letter for u. When there's none, u'll curse the poor man under your breath out of frustration.
U'll sit patiently by the phone each night & wait for it to ring. Its first tinkle sends u into a frenzy & u yell at the top of your voice that the call is for u to deter nosy siblings from eavesdropping on the extension.

With bated breath & drumming heartbeat, u nervously flutter your lashes & speak in your saccharine sweet voice into the mouthpiece, desperately trying to shut out the ruckus around u.
Aaah ... All I can say here is ... u're in love.
But there's a catch. It's a long-distance relationship. That's when he's a flight away & your only means of communication is humankind's greatest invention, the telephone or cellphone. Since letters take at least 10 days to arrive, the telephone or cellphone becomes a girl's best friend. And don't look to your parents for support & sympathy, not once they've had a glimpse at the exorbitant phone bills. But what the heck, there's e-mail now & fax machines things just keep getting better, don't they?

Of course, a long-distance kind of love needs that extra effort, it needs a bigger dose of 'commitment & faithfulness' to each other. There is the promise to love & cherish but the heart must be strong & willing. It is not worth to heartache to make promises u have no intention of keeping.

One very crucial stage to go through is the miss-u-like-crazy stage, where the very thought of your loved one in a foreign land or from any other states or cities, perhaps surrounded by gorgeous maidens is enough to make u go out of your mind.

Your mind begins to wander & the green-eyed monster slowly begins to take u over. Fury & anger get a hold of u when u imagine him frolicking in the sun with nymph-like goddesses. Of course, that's when u've got to get a grip on your wild imagination, take a deep-breath & slap yourself silly for having such an overly imaginative mind.

The key word in a long-distance relationship is patience. Despite all the inconveniences & difficulties, there's the comfort of knowing that u only have to be patient for a couple of years (to some is 'Arrrgh!'). After that, it's just a matter of adjustments & u'll be together again & live happily ever after.

Pessimists may argue that it is quite impossible to maintain a long distance relationship due to all sorts of problems that might crop up. To them, I say go suck an orange. A really sour one.
As long as both sides are willing, I believe that things will work out. A friend once told me, should one be able to get through the few years of being apart, linked strongly by their feelings & emotions, the future will eventually work out.

I have realised the truth of her words. When there's a will, there's a way, goes the over-used cliche. But the truth in it couldn't be more well said. As long as both parties are willing, the impossible will work out somehow & happiness will be theirs ... eventually.