Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I am a hot cocoa fanatic.

I'm going off topic a bit today. Let's talk drinks! What is your favorite drink & why?

I'm not sure what it is about hot milo that I love so much. It seems to me the perfect beverage: warm, creamy, milky & filled with lots of chocolate. What is there not to love about that? I have friends who prefer a latte or kopi O or a cup of tea. But u will never see me being unfaithful to my favorite drink. Whether I am at home or work or visiting with friends at local mamaks it is hot milo that I will always choose.

Sometimes the cold air gets to me & I just need my favorite cup of hot milo. I guess part of why I love hot milo so much is because it reminds me of my childhood. I have many fond memories of mom fixing me a cup of hot milo after a long day of playing outside.

As an adult I have continued to love hot milo just as much. I love coming home from a long day of work & stopping in the kitchen to make a perfect cup. *kita minum dulu!!!! melo paneh memang uuummmpphhh!!!*

Happy sipping! Happy drinking or what so ever u wanna call it. :-)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Bazaar keeps us awake@Shopping under the stars!

When u go shopping do u usually go for stuff (clothes, shoes, etc. ect..) with brands? Issit really necessary to wear stuff with brands? I have met people who are brand-conscious like they wouldn't even dare to wear anything that isn't branded. Is branded stuff really a big deal?
Frankly speaking, I rarely aim to buy anything branded. I buy brands only if I see it is worth the price. I'm not into brands (seriously)... I couldn't relate since I'm not into brands. Branded stuff are not a big deal.

But everyone has brands that they are passionate about. But to some people, they believe it maps to their lifestyle. SO .. are u a brand-conscious?? But not for me, i'm not into brand name stuff as much as a lot of people are these days.

Anyone who is too scared to go out wearing perfectly good clean clothes that aren't branded must be very insecure & probably needs their head examined. Huhu! *no offence ... kalau terase nasib lah* .. There's also little consideration for actual style. Someone can look very good in something that isn't branded & look like the world's worst fashion victim in something that is. As long as one can look good in what he or she wears or feel comfortable - it doesn't matter if it's branded or not.

Alright... here's my story & I'm stickin' to it!

Who goes shopping after midnight??? Well, I do :-)
Most people would go about their activities in the daytime & only reserve the night for food & entertainment. How about a different routine for a change? Avoid the hassles of parking & overcrowded malls by visiting your friendly neighbourhood flea markets, pasar malams or night bazaars. Witness the streets come alive at night as u bargain your way through everything from food to cellphone accessories & even automobiles!

Try going to the night bazaars at Danau Kota where the action only intensifies after midnight. U’ll be surprised as to what u could find at the place.

Quite a few, apparently, judging from the bustling Danau Kota midnight bazaar which operates daily (till the wee hours of the morning - 3am the latest) except on Thursdays (I guess).
Guess what, the pixs below, I bought it from the bazaar.

p/s: but we have to admit, almost majority of us crave for signature brands once in awhile. Also, sometimes, the branded ones are the ones with great quality & durability. But I would not spend a fortune just to brag about how my things, clothes, shoes are branded...for me brands are just names.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

My Precious! :-)

I am currently reading "The Little Prince" but haven't finished the book yet - In this story the prince has learned that the heart is important in recognizing the things that really matter in life. I really really love it.. Definitely will update more once I'm done reading it. Muchos worth the read.

This lovely novel book is a birthday gift given by my dearest "Prince" (Nadzmi)

Thanks heaps Dear *MUAH MUAH MUAH* Love U!


(May 29th 2009)

It will make u blink back tears of nostalgia - For One More Day (Mitch Albom)

If u could spend one more day with someone who has died..who would u choose? ...and why?

For One More Day by Mitch Albom - story of a man who gets the chance to spend one more day with his mother who died 8 years earlier. This philosophical novel will takes readers to a place between life & death in a story of redemption & one man's struggle to deal with his ghosts. This is a moral tale ... full of life lessons.

Enough said. Check it out for yourself.The beauty of this book will well tears in your eyes & will make your heart swell. *sob sob*

Is a really really awesome book. *great recommendation* .. Just rush yourself to nearby bookstore & grab it for only RM32.95!

p/s: memang meleleh air mata wa cakap lu.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Idris' family - Remembering Abah

To all Dad's, Papa's, Father's ... Let me wish all fathers out there a very Happy Father's Day. And to our fathers who are no longer with us..let us offer Al-Fatihah. May they rest in peace and may God bless them. Amin!

Father's Day is a bittersweet time for me. One Thursday evening, my beloved father passed away peacefully at the age of 58. It was a sudden demise and he is still missed dearly by all of us until today. If there is one thing that I could wish for.. it would be to have him back with us. Abah was our mentor. A very firm and wise man, abah hardly ever scolded us and only did so when it was really necessary. Mak, on the other hand - I must admit that I admire her patience and calmness. A very strong lady at heart, she was the pillar that all of us had relied on when we lost our beloved father.

As the saying goes, we only have one set of parents in this world, so might as well love them and appreciate everything they did for our future's sake. To u Abah, we thank you for bringing us to this world and sharing us some of your experiences. On behalf of my siblings, we are proud of u.

Dimana akan ku cari
Aku menangis seorang diri
Datanglah aku ingin bertemu
Untukmu aku menyanyi
Untuk Abah tercinta
Aku ingin bernyanyi
Walau airmataku jatuh dipipi
Abah ... dengarkanlah
Aku ingin berjumpa
Walau hanya dalam mimpi...walau hanya didalam mimpi.

Happy Father's Day and may u shelter in the palm of the Creator's hand and may the last embrace of the mother welcome u home. - Al-Fatihah!

En. Idris B. Ahmad (October 10th 1947 - July 27th 2005) - You'll surely be missed dearly by all of us!

Pn. Jamiah Bt. Doragi (beloved wife)
Nor Zalina Bt. Idris
Noor Azlee B. Idris
Nor Syahirah Amani Bt. Idris

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

the tale of thumbeLINA

For words, she ran out of them: thumbeLINA- observing the observed.
Somehow, u understand every moody, compulsive, emotional, neurotic or quirky.. Preserving a friendship requires many skills, one of the most important of these is the ability to say "I'm sorry". We all make mistakes. Hurting each other from time to time is inevitable especially in a friendship. Some people are incapable of apologizing because they are unable to admit that they may have made a mistake. There is no way for a friendship to last without apologies. Saying I'm Sorry in a sincere and compassionate way will preserve your friendship and deepen the bond that your share.

Ok! I’m taking a deep breath …in … out... in … out … shit, I’m not breathing. My hands are shaking while I try and type. I can’t believe what I have to tell. I don't quite know how to write what I must. But on this one page, I’m in utter disbelief myself. I’m trying hard not to freak-out to stay strong and to remain calm. But I'll write what I trust but I never had the chance to say it again. I will say it again for that friendship is tried. I'm sorry for what I’ve done... but there was something u said, something that opened my eyes. For all the tears that I've cried. I never meant to hurt anyone. I hope one day it can be fixed. Most people would say, “friends come and go”, I thought and still do and we had so much more to show.

And now, last but not least I just want to say I’m sorry for everything from the bottom of my heart. Hope to stay in touch.

p/s: sedangkan Nabi ampunkan umat, inikan kita pula manusia

Sunday, March 29, 2009

During the kiddo's years - Eat Your Dessert First!

Sometimes life is made out of a great number of small incidents and a small number of great ones. People tend to remember the great incidents but as for me, I love to remember the small ones instead.

Flashing back 22 years ago, I was just a little girl in primary school. My grandmom believe as a growing child, I must have a proper at least 3 course meal everyday. So she packed my school lunch for me.

Everyday I will get a small portion of sandwich for entree, mee goreng or rice for the mains and a different selection of dessert all the time. One fine day, she prepared banana pancakes for my dessert. It was a big day that I can never forget. That's because it was really unusual. I only get fruits or buns for dessert. But that day, I had banana pancake!!!!!!

I had a torturing 3 hours of classes before the break because I couldn't wait to eat that banana pancake in my lunch box. Finally when the bell rang, I rushed to the canteen where other children were seated. Slowly, I open up my lunch box and display all my food on the table.

I was contemplating of eating the banana pancake first, but I remember my wise father taught me, "u must save the best for last then the taste will remain longer in your mouth." It became a habit for me to do that. To think about it, no wonder they serve dessert at the end of the meal. Because it is the best part of all. But after u continue reading this story, u might change your perception. Huhu! I'll give u a good advice, life is uncertain, better eat your dessert first.

I chewed my food and I swallowed. Chewed ... chewed ... chewed and swallowed. After done that repeatedly, I came to the dessert moment. The banana pancake was staring at me and begging me to eat them.

But before I could pick-up my fork, the fire alarm went-off. All the children start to get panic and running around like headless-chicken. I didn't know what to do. I wanted to ignore the commotion and continue eating my banana dessert but there was an announcement on the speaker that everyone has to leave for the field immediately. My teacher grabbed my arms and dragged me out of my chair. There I was ...parting with my banana pancake like two lovers refuse to let go off their hands at the bus station. Huhu!

Eventually, I was standing at the field but my heart was with the banana pancake. The headmistress announced that there was no fire and it was merely a fire drill. "She must be playing a personal prank on me!!!! Memang kurang asam punya pengetua." I said to myself. After half hour listening to her endless speech, we were allowed to dismiss.

I ran to the canteen only to find that the place was perfectly clean!!!!!! I asked the cleaner where was my banana pancake and she told me she threw away everything on the table, so my banana pancake is probably in the rubbish bin already. I couldn't believe she threw away the precious dessert I've ever got in my schooling days!! I felt like I was just been sucked into a black-hole.

Just so u know, I spent the next 3 years during my primary eating fruits and buns for my dessert. I awaited for the precious banana pancake but for some reason, my grandmom did not make it anymore.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Do you find quiet people a snob? - *the importance of being real*

"Would u take the risk of being called snobbish? ... U may even upset and hurt quite a few people but u're not supposed to feel for them."

What's about me? I must say that, I'm just an ordinary simple person. I'm neither beautiful nor ugly. Hahaha! *clearing throat* .. Continue with the writing. It is a real epiphany when u discover the importance of being real or as I like to put it, genuine in life.

People sometimes mistakenly think I'm quiet. They think I am strict and quite person and they are interpreting it as being unfriendly or snobbish.
Hmmm... Deep inside my heart, I'm like, "Ya, so!!!" .. but its okay, wait until u know ... Well,impressions like that is not a new one for me! In fact i'm used to them! WHY? Well, just check this out!

Sometimes, I'm like, I have no idea in the world what people sees in me. I associate as a snob. Probably because of my face it looks like one . But tell you what, actually that's a BIG NO. Proofs? My beloved boyfriend, families and friends..Hehe!

I want to let everyone know that I'm not a perfect nobody really is...Please take a chance to know me better before judging me, but actually their opinions does not matter. It's just that I have to admit that those NON-SENSE comments and PREJUDICES.. If u would just take the find yourselves wrong.

I don't give a damn what other people think. I am me. There is no one else exactly like me.

I'm not the kind of girl that will just tend to keep her mouth-shut if someone did something wrong to her. If someone did something wrong to me, surely, I'll fight for my self.. as long as I know I'm in the position where in I'm right. I know how to say my sorry if needed or if I've done something wrong to someone, but if I know I'm the right one well then u'll never hear me saying those words.

But seriously, we can't force people to be genuine, we just have to love 'em until they discover for themselves in their own time, how totally cool and freeing it is!

I guess I've said enough already.

As Malay proverb says - Mulut tempayan boleh ditutup, mulut manusia mana boleh, sesak nafaslah nanti. Hehehe!
Peace, peace, peace no war!

Have a great dinner. Have a pleasant weekend ahead. Cherioo and have fun!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

As I lay down to sleep - Every message is a smile

Did u all miss me? Yes, I'm back to selling some writing. Haha! Just kidding. I missed writing or u may called it typing instead. Hey, I'm sorry I haven't been writing much. Just where in the hell have I been? Well, it's simple really. I've been too busy to blog. So here I am, writing / tapping my fingers on the keyboard about something I enjoy and enjoy sharing. I've got all sorts of things happening though. However, due to some what of an outcry, I'm back in-the-house, but at least I'm back online. It feels like the right thing to do. Updates still won't be termendously frequent. I am resolving to make the effort though. At some point, my piece feels undone. Yeah. Undone. U read it right. It's not really done. When I feel this, I do something which I find strange. I have always felt something at the back of my mind that somewhere, something exists which will take me somewhere, where I deserve to be.I started writing in a diary to make myself feel better, at least I guess that's why I did. I would just write about what I was feeling and how it was impacting me. Before I knew it, I was writing for hours and hours a day, even doing it at work on my computer, writing and writing, typing and typing and then deleting what I wrote so no one would see it.There was there one night, as I lay down to sleep. I've popped. My mind is overcome, but as I get deeper, my inner thoughts slowly dance. I just feel like writing something. I have to admit, I missed these two wonderful people. My boyfriend and my late father (he'll be missed by many ... Al-Fatihah).

But when I sat down I feel like writing something. I want to write something new - something extraordinary and beautiful and simple. To me, writing is something that comes from the heart that helps me to express myself. In fact, I am missing my boyfriend very much.

Oh yea. Valentine’s is just around the corner.
Me and my boyfriend do not celebrate valentine’s day. I fall into the hate it category. Haha! Please just don’t ask me why. Thank you. My friends and colleagues giggles at me because they said they cannot believe a woman could careless about valentine’s day. Why should I care so much? But really, I think its silly. I would rather remember our anniversary or his birthday than Feb 14th. That’s just me.

Ok, let's get back to the topic.
Sometimes writing a good romatic love message can be very difficult. But seriously I’m not a very good in writing a romatic message or poem. I’m not a mushy-gushy kind of lovey-dovey person. Hehehe! But I try to find and my best to write a lovely message to the person I loved.
So here goes nothing. I really hope he likes it.

*Time goes by a lot slower when u miss the one u love. Missing someone gets easier everyday. Because, even though it is one day further from the last time u saw each other, it is one day closer to the next time u will.

I miss u when something really good happens, because u are the one I want to share it with. I miss u when something is troubling me because u are the one who understands me so well. I miss u when I laugh and cry because I know that u are the one that makes my laughter grow and tears disappear. I miss u all the time but I miss u most when I lay awake at night and think of all the wonderful time we spent with each other.

Distance never separates two hearts that really care, for our memories span the miles and in seconds we are there. But whenever I start feeling sad because I miss u I remind myself how lucky I am to have someone so special to miss. There are moments in your life when u really miss someone that u want to pick from your dreams and hug him for real. Love is missing someone whenever u’re apart but somehow feeling warm inside because u’re close in heart.*
At the same time once again, I personally would like to wish my boyfriend a cool fun belated birthday. Hope u had a fantastic one.
Happy Belated Birthday Dear! Hip-hip hooray! *MUUUAAAH*
Love U!!! :-)