Monday, July 6, 2009

Bazaar keeps us awake@Shopping under the stars!

When u go shopping do u usually go for stuff (clothes, shoes, etc. ect..) with brands? Issit really necessary to wear stuff with brands? I have met people who are brand-conscious like they wouldn't even dare to wear anything that isn't branded. Is branded stuff really a big deal?
Frankly speaking, I rarely aim to buy anything branded. I buy brands only if I see it is worth the price. I'm not into brands (seriously)... I couldn't relate since I'm not into brands. Branded stuff are not a big deal.

But everyone has brands that they are passionate about. But to some people, they believe it maps to their lifestyle. SO .. are u a brand-conscious?? But not for me, i'm not into brand name stuff as much as a lot of people are these days.

Anyone who is too scared to go out wearing perfectly good clean clothes that aren't branded must be very insecure & probably needs their head examined. Huhu! *no offence ... kalau terase nasib lah* .. There's also little consideration for actual style. Someone can look very good in something that isn't branded & look like the world's worst fashion victim in something that is. As long as one can look good in what he or she wears or feel comfortable - it doesn't matter if it's branded or not.

Alright... here's my story & I'm stickin' to it!

Who goes shopping after midnight??? Well, I do :-)
Most people would go about their activities in the daytime & only reserve the night for food & entertainment. How about a different routine for a change? Avoid the hassles of parking & overcrowded malls by visiting your friendly neighbourhood flea markets, pasar malams or night bazaars. Witness the streets come alive at night as u bargain your way through everything from food to cellphone accessories & even automobiles!

Try going to the night bazaars at Danau Kota where the action only intensifies after midnight. U’ll be surprised as to what u could find at the place.

Quite a few, apparently, judging from the bustling Danau Kota midnight bazaar which operates daily (till the wee hours of the morning - 3am the latest) except on Thursdays (I guess).
Guess what, the pixs below, I bought it from the bazaar.

p/s: but we have to admit, almost majority of us crave for signature brands once in awhile. Also, sometimes, the branded ones are the ones with great quality & durability. But I would not spend a fortune just to brag about how my things, clothes, shoes are branded...for me brands are just names.

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