Monday, March 29, 2010

the moment of silence

silence is the typical reaction or silence isn't my typical fare - i'll figure it out myself!

*someone used to say - if a writer is willing to work and revise as well as take criticism and advice, she has a better chance of being successful. plus, she's got to write, not just "talk the talk." the earlier u start, the more practice u get... and practice makes perfect!

as i sat in my room the other night thinking about what should i write on my blog - *start jotting notes* ..
i looked around - outside my window i see: a pigeon singing sitting on a wire, flowers from neighbour's garden. hmm..hoping the flowers would soften the stories in my newspaper: war, famine, drought, economic collapse, child abuse and ect..ect..

looking around again. nothing moved but my 3 little cute hamsters and i know hamsters can’t talk. huhu! suddenly my mind starts pumping.

all my life, i've had a very vivid imagination. when I'm stuck in a novel or any types of reading materials, whether it is the i usually tend to turn to story generators or write something (anything) to get my imagination flowing again.

during my years in secondary school, i wrote a lot of stories down *start a scrapbook* the result? many nonsense stories - but at least they're stories - i used to laugh at the stories i wrote.

but i used to stopped writing numerous matter what happens, i am really serious about my writing. it's for fun as well as sanity purposes.i believe that writing without emotion isn't good writing at all. every type of writing - whether it is personal, fiction, poetry, fantasy, journalism or ..etc etc .. - needs some sort of feeling.

success is almost everyone's goal in life. no matter what it takes to get there, it's what we all want. for me, i'll be successful as long as i have a source of income and i'm writing. that's my dream to keep writing. and we all need dreams for inspiration, no matter what age.

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