Monday, January 18, 2010

Dream dream dream!

"All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream!" - Edgar Allen Poe

Do u dream about horses? I know I do & seriously, this is my first time. I just had a horse dream last night! And it's a white horse.

It's early morning & it's beautiful, the weather is so amazing. In my dream, I was standing near ancient big tree. A horse came along side of me. I knew this horse & it knew me. As the horse brushed onlong side of me. I put my hand out & ran it alongside of it’s main, coat & tail. The horse was walk very slowly & started to walk away. I grabed it’s tail & spoke to it & told it to stop but it just looked back at me slowly pulling me along.
So I ran alongside of the horse grabed it’s main & mounted it bareback. This is what the horse wanted - it wanted to play to run!

Sight, sound, texture & everything was so very real. I have never had a dream this real that was possitive. Oh yes, as I mentioned I awoke from the dream very happy to have experienced it & frankly can’t seem to stop thinking about it! :-)
Well, its just a dream, u never know what if tommorow.. only God.

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